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Written by Chantal Beauvais on Jan. 12, 2014
Merci Siobhan pour tout ce que tu as été dans nos vies. Ton courage, ta sérénité, ton sens de l'abandon, ta joie et ton authenticité. Je prie pour que ton époux, tes enfants, ton papa et ta maman vivent ton départ dans l'action de grâce et qu'ils trouveront consolation auprès de te tous ceux et celles qui t'ont aimée. Aurevoir Siobhan. Tu es belle!

Written by Marilyn Spradling on Jan. 2, 2014
Dear Siobhan:
I was born in Winnipeg, live now in Houston & a few years ago met your dear dad at Lebh Shomea. Through your videos, I have got to know a sweetheart & grace-filled young woman who will always remain in my heart. I am one out of countless family & friends praying for you & your loved ones…God is so good to us & never gives more than we can bear. God's love for you is great & your strong love has touched the lives of many - thank you for sharing your life with all of us. I hope your dad will kiss your cheek for me.
Grace & peace be with you always,

Written by Michelle Gorman, RSM on Dec. 20, 2013
Dear Siobhan,
I am writing from Lebh Shomea House of Prayer, Sarita, Texas, where I have met your dad, who speaks so lovingly of you. I am inspired by your courage and enthusiasm for life, and I pray that you will be filled with that peace that is beyond understanding as you continue on this mysterious journey. Peace and blessings, Sister Michelle Gorman, RSM
By the way, I never look at my gmail address. my real email address is mgorman@mercywmw.org !

Written by Marlene (friend of Uncle tom & Aunt Carol) on Nov. 21, 2013
Dear Siobhan,
I am a nurse (retired) who dedicated 20+ years to working with people and their families facing life limiting diseases (Palliative Care). I have spent many years teaching others who are now working in this field, and I want you to know that I am sending my peers and as many past and current 'students' as I can, the link to your website and videos.
You are so beautifully articulate and inspirational, and through these videos you continue to TEACH others. What a legacy!
All I can say is THANK YOU.

Written by Judy Wyspianski on Oct. 22, 2013
Inspiring and moving videos of your journey with ALS. I understand the need and your desire to bring about further awareness of AlS and you have done that in spades. I watch, with great admiration, the dignity and strength with which you share your story. Thank you Siobhan

Written by tom rock on Oct. 22, 2013
Dear, dear Siobhan.
Thank you so very much for sharing yourself - you understate things in respect of the breathing machine when you said "it is a lot to let go of...". Carol and I (and, of course, dear Ben) send you all our love, best wishes and prayer support to You and your family. You are a most special young woman, Siobhan, beautiful too, and we all love you so very, very much. Happy Birthday this Saturday, Siobhan. Love you a whole big, bunch, Uncle Tom, Carol and our Dear Ben

Website: trockadvice@sympatico.ca
Written by Laura Burns on Oct. 19, 2013

The authenticity that lives in your capacity to endure and be greater than your suffering is truly inspirational. Thank you for sharing yourself, so openly, and know that you are loved by all those you touch.

Written by Anjali Joseph on Oct. 18, 2013
HI Siobhan.
Your dad has been sending me your updates, and they have been such an inspiration to me. Thanks for your courage, your strength, and perspective on your journey. In your last video you shared your fear of this new machine...I am committing to praying for you daily. It makes me think how little will think of our breathing, and how each moment we breathe, we are so relaxed in knowing there will be another. I pray this rest will return to you. I guess each breathe of our life really is that, resting in God's faithfulness...HE is faithful Siobhan. Love to you and your family...

Written by Alexandra Gruca-Macaulay on Oct. 18, 2013
Dear Siobhan,
Your Dad and are Saint Paul Ph.D. buddies. I've watched your videos and felt awed with each one. You are an incredible testimony to the human spirit, words leave me when I watch and hear how articulate you are about your situation. I can't tell you how often I think of you and pray for you and your family.
Wishing you continued strength,

Written by Isabelle D'Souza on Sep. 23, 2013
Bonjour Siobhan,

Tu ne te souviens sûrement pas de moi, car je ne suis qu'une parmi tant qui ont pris des cours de yoga avec toi. J'étais alors en troisième année à la faculté de droit de l'U de O (2005-2006). Une amie et moi avions décidé de suivre un cours de yoga et nous sommes tombées sur la meilleure instructrice! Toi! :)

Récemment, je pensais me réinscrire à des cours de yoga et j'ai pensé à toi. Je ne me souvenais que de ton nom et de ton grand sourire. Plus tôt cet après-midi, mes recherches en ligne m'ont mené à divers articles récents et j'ai appris à quel point ta vie avait changé depuis notre rencontre. Ça m'a beaucoup peiné, je dois t'avouer.

Cependant, j'ai été contente de constater que tu portes toujours ce merveilleux sourire et que tu profites de la vie au maximum. C'est vraiment super, le Arerobic-a-Thon! J'espère pouvoir y participer en 2014 si l'événement a lieu à nouveau.

Bref, bon courage à toi et ta famille; vous passerez sûrement des moments difficiles, mais j'espère que tu n'oublieras jamais à quel point tu as touché les gens qui t'entourent. You are as beautiful inside and out! :)


Written by tom rock on Aug. 3, 2013
Hello beautiful lady.

Just a brief note from your Uncle Tom to let you know he loves you a great big bunch and thinks you are the greatest. We are all doing well. I hope to see your Mom and Gilles on Tuesday and will give them a big, big hug to take back to you. All my love to you, Tom, Jeremy and the little ones.

Big and even bigger hugs and lots and bushels of love,

Tom, Carol + Gentle Ben

Written by Tammy-Lynn Tremblay on Jul. 17, 2013
Dear Siobhan,
I have been thinking of you very often. I can only guess what you must be going through and it breaks my heart every time. Not only because of the physical pain but more so for the mental anguish that you must have to experience. Especially with the two little ones. I admire your courage and your positivity. You are a strong woman, you are a beautiful woman. I feel so very lucky to have met you. You have definitely influenced my life in a positive way. I don’t take anything for granted anymore and I cherish every moment I get to spend with my own son because we never know…

Written by Conrad on Jul. 17, 2013
Hi Siobhan:

This is your crazy Uncle Conrad, brother I think of your Dad. The site is GREAT. I will be out to your house very soon again to stay with you for a few hours and give hubby a break. Also, I want to play with the two little sweethearts. Take care my dear, and know as always, I love you and respect you.
Your Crazy Uncle Conrad.
Maybe I'll bring Pizza again.

Written by Brad Spence on Jun. 17, 2013
Hi Siobhan,

This site is really great! Your dad did a super job. If I had known, it would have made it easier to let my colleagues know how to view your conversations. I think they should be compulsory viewing for everyone, so that we stop whining, even a little bit about how tough we have it.

I hope you know that we admire you and the courage that you show in the face of an unpleasant future. Please, please, let us help you in whatever way we can.

Love always, to you, to Tom and to the children,


Written by Micheline Bertrand on May. 27, 2013
Hi Siobhan.
This his Micheline Bertrand from Saint-Paul University. I met you through your father Michael when you came whith your little girl when she was just a baby. I seen every one of your videos. I was reluctant to write to you because i met you only twice and didn't know what to say. But today i listened to your new video about the decisions you have to make in your life. By what I have heard so far from your videos I am convinced that you will be making the right decisions when the time comes. I find you so very courageous and a fighter. I am praying for you and ask the angels to give you strength and even more courage. You deserve the best and the right to your dignity. At the same time I am sure that your loved ones surrounding you will be pleased to give you the best care ever. Let them do this for you, you so deserve it. Hang in there. God Bless. From Micheline