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Written by tom rock on Mar. 22, 2013
Hi Dear Siobhan. It's your Uncle Tom and Carol and Ben just saying hello and sending our love and prayer support. We love your website and send you our love and prayers daily. Will call you real soon. LOve, Tom, Carol + Ben

Written by Nicole Racine-Lazure on Mar. 11, 2013
Bonjour Siobhàn,
Tu sembles pleine de vie et c'est qui est important. Tu te remplis d'élans et de courage. Tu deviens une lumière pour ceux et celles qui sont pris avec un problème de vie. MIchael dirait "le sel de la terre et lalumière du monde".Ton dialogue intérieur serait bon à partager avec les autres. Pourquoi ne pas laisser un livre que tu pourrais dicter allonger là où toutes tes émotions pourraient apporter des messages d'intérêts, de vie et de puissance d'être. Je pense à toi souvent et je t'envoie chaque fois des pensées positives. J'ai ta photo de famille sous mes yeux. Des bises chaleureuse!
Nicole Racine-Lazure

Written by Doreen Brewster on Mar. 10, 2013
Hi Siobhan, what an amazing lady with the best positive attitude. Kim Brewster, our daughter has passed along your website to us. Your Dad, Michael, is one of Kim's authors. It is wonderful to read your words and the good events that are happening. You must be so proud of your children, they are gorgeous, just like your Dad is so very proud of you. Wishing you the very best of each day and thank you so much for all your inspiration to us, that at times take life for granted. God Bless.

Written by Frank Coffey on Mar. 10, 2013
Siobhan, I have heard of you through your father, Michael Rock. Thanks for sharing your courage and inspiration, and to him for presenting it in this blog.

Written by David Courtemanche on Mar. 9, 2013
Hi Siobhan. You don't know me but I feel that I know you a wee bit from your videos. Your father has been teaching me about leadership at Guelph University. He's an exceptional teacher and a very, very proud father. As a father of two teenage daughters, I learn from them all the time; and I understand the special relationship between father and daughter. I suspect that you have taught your dad a thing or two. :)

Hope your day is going ok. Thanks for helping me to keep things in perspective.


Written by Roger Keeler on Mar. 5, 2013
Greetings from San Antonio!

I like the website ... well done!

Know that you are remembered in prayer each and every day.