Siobhán chats with us

Ella and Dominik, July 25, 2012

YouTube Videos, “Conversations with Siobhán” (Ottawa, Ontario), September 2012 ‐ October 2013

Note: Siobhán died in the arms of her husband, Tom, on Sunday morning, January 12, 2014, at 4:30 am. May she always rest in peace.

These videos have been and are being filmed, edited and produced by Laurie Smith, a professional videographer, who has been volunteering her time to record Siobhán’s journey with ALS. If possible, each month there will be a new. Click on “Subscribe” at YouTube at the end of the video. Your e-mail will be noted and you will receive an automatic e-mail when the next video becomes available.

About the series: "Conversations with Siobhán" – is a new YouTube video vlog series. In the summer of 2011 Siobhán Rock, a healthy, happy and active new mother of 3, found out she had ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease/MND - motor neurone disease) – a disease that kills a person one muscle at a time. One year later Siobhán needed a motorized wheelchair and now says goodbye to her muscles weekly. Despite her situation, Siobhán is motivated to enjoy her life, and as a result has become an inspiration to everyone she meets.

Hoping to raise awareness for ALS and help find a cure for what doctors call “the cruelest disease,” Siobhán generously opens up in personal interviews where she shares her thoughts with the people who know her the most – her friends and family. Starting with a solo video interview (#1), different friends and family meet with Siobhán and check in on her well-being. The video series now has 8 YouTube videos (more recent first).

  1. VIDEO #1: September 3, 2012, Siobhán speaking by herself
    [A video with Siobhán by herself, in which she explains her new life situation with ALS]

  2. Video #2: September 18, 2012, Siobhán speaks with her dad
    [A video discussion with Michael, her dad – whom she calls “soul-dad” – and Siobhán]

  3. VIDEO #3: September 29, 2012, Siobhán goes skydiving with papa, Gilles
    [A video discussion with Gilles, Siobhán’s 'papa' of 38 years and her experience going skydiving with him, with husband, Tom, and 21 year-old son, Jérémie. A video of the actual footage of Siobhán jumping from the plane, her wrists and ankles taped to avoid flailing with the 200 km/hr. wind at 12,500 ft. when she jumps and the thrill of landing safely. She is buckled to the expert skydiver]

  4. VIDEO #4: November 29, 2012, Siobhán speaks with Marylaine, a very close friend
    A video discussion with Marylaine, Siobhán’s oldest and dearest friend, who lives in Montréal, P.Q., in which Siobhán describes and illustrates the progressive limitations she is now encountering. An uplifting video of friendship and deep love]

  5. VIDEO #5: January 31, 2013, Siobhán speaks with Krista, a personal support worker
    [A video discussion with Krista, a Personal Support Worker, or Siobhán's "hands and feet," who helps Siobhán answer questions about her current situation.]

  6. VIDEO #6: April 10, 2013, Siobhán is by herself and speaks about her progress
    [A video where Siobhán checks in solo and shares some of her personal thoughts of living with ALS for almost 2 years now.]

  7. VIDEO #7: May 24, 2013, Some tough decisions
    [Siobhán tackles some heavy decisions about her life]

  8. VIDEO #8: July 8, 2013, Big changes
    [For episode #8 Siobhán reveals some big changes in her life.]

  9. VIDEO #9: October 18, 2013, Breathing and the vent machine
    [For episode #9 Siobhán talks about the challenges of using a vent machine to help her breathe.]

  10. VIDEO #10: October 18, 2013, published December 11, 2013: Meal time
    [For episode #10 Siobhán takes us through a typical meal at her house - which is anything but typical. She is being assisted by her mum, Hannah. The meal for the feeding tube is prepared and we see how it works for Siobhán.]