Siobhán and her dad whom she often referred to as "soul dad" in 1974 when she was 3 years old

Siobhán in fall colours (no date provided)

A beautiful moment ...

Siobhán's son, Jérémie, age 3 (1994)

Siobhán and Ella (October 24, 2009) on the grounds of Saint Paul University, Ottawa, Canada

Ella and Misiek understanding each other

Ella, 9 months (March 2010)

Siobhán's 3 beautiful children (left to right): Ella, Domink, Jérémie

Ella and Dominik (February 2013)

Siobhán and children at home outside (May 2012)

Tumbling into Trust: (Siobhán skydiving, September 2012; see video #3)

ALS Walk: former students, friends and family (June 2012)

Motorbike ride with friends (Sept 2012)

Siobhán going skydiving (September 2012, with instructor; see video #3)

Siobhán skydiving (just landed, with Tom, her husband, and instructor, September 2012; see video #3)

ALS Aerobic-A-Thon, Saturday, March 24, 2013, Ottawa, Canada

A beautiful moment: Siobhån and Tom in Poland, Summer 2007

Relishing the beautiful moment: Siobhån and Tom, Poland, Summer 2007

Tree donated by Veronica Ward, former M.A. student (UoG)

Do enjoy Siobhán's family and friends
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